September 24, 2021

5 Tips for developing a healthier you

This episode of Inside EMS is sponsored by Pulsara. Learn more about how you can build a regional system of care for free by clicking here.

This is a special edition of the Inside EMS Podcast – enjoy a crossover post from Chris Cebollero's Ultimate Leadership Podcast.

In this episode of the Ultimate Leadership Podcast, we flip the script a bit, we are not talking about professional development, but instead the 5 tips you need to know about keeping yourself as healthy as possible. Host Chris Cebollero is joined by Dr. Nick Barnes. In this crazy time of the pandemic, what is the best way to keep ourselves healthier? Dr. Barnes shares his expertise on developing a nighttime routine, clean eating, the power of movement and how hydration aids the body in cell nutrition. Get insight into how to become the best version of yourself. Come and join the discussion.


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